A Prayer For Action

October 9, 2015
Loving God,
great and wonderful are Your thoughts,
Your ways are just and true.
In you is our hope and salvation,
and in prayer, we seek You…

Make us disciples or our Lord Jesus Christ!
Grant us hearts that seek him,
ears that hear him,
and hands that reach out, doing he is work…

Make us hearers and doers of Your Word!

Oh help us ever to remember that
what counts are deeds,
more than the number of our years;
what matters are thoughts,
more than the number of our breaths.
What is important
are feeling of compassion,
more than the ticking of the minutes
or the turning go the pages of our calendar

May we live trusting You, heart-beat by heart-beat:
thinking Your thoughts,
expressing Your concerns for others
acting on Your behalf, for righteousness sake.

May we understand that the Christian life
consists of not only of great sacrifices
and weight responsibilities don in Jesus’ name…
But, also, of little things,
smiles, kindnesses, and modes duties rendered daily.

In these and by Your Spirit,
may we win Christ’s victory,
and uphold Your Word …
preserver the gospel,
and lift the broken-hearted…
Securing for others,
as well for ourselves,
the peace and abiding comfort
of Your kingdom which has no end,
through Jesus Christ our Lord