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27 August 2015

From The Desk of Knolly Clarke

I hope you will enjoy this series of weekly articles that are designed to paraphrase to words of the literary critic Kenneth Burke, to provide you with "Equipment for Living".  Each week we will reflect on the complex interactions of factors such as  faith, moral and ethical values, poverty, culture, equity, spirituality that we all face as individuals and as members of various communities in the early part of the 21'th century.

Our main perspective on these issues is informed by our understanding of the Christian faith,  We will seek to deepen the readers understanding of Christianity not just as a historical artifact but show how this faith provides a strong foundation for addressing many contemporary issues.  However,  we believe that what we have to say not only of relevance to practitioners of Christianity. Muuch of what we we have to say will be appropriate to persons from other faiths and even those who follow not faith.

In the coming weeks we will a tackle a number of topical issues including:

  • Ethics and Morals in the age of Social Networks, Big Data  and Artificial Intelligence.
  • The sacredness of human life and the impact of drug and gang culture on marginalized inner city communities
  • The role and mission of the Church in multi-faith societies. What are the rights and responsibilities of the religious and non religious is such societies?
  • The challenge of ecumenism and the mission of the Church.

From time to time, we plan to feature contributions by distinguished guests such a Dr. Alan Patrick an internationally  renowned Physician and researcher who worked closely with me at Trinity Cathedral (Trinidad and Tobago) on topics such as guidelines for healthy lifestyles and how to treat with ailing relatives.